Every year the fashion and lifestyle industry gets more creative and you as an individual must get creative with it. With the invention of the smartphone also came the invention of apps. Apps are an easy and convenient way of getting “in the know” about the latest in the world of fashion with just the swipe of your finger.

We all do love the experience of going to fashion stores and having a hands on feel of the merchandise and getting to try them on. But technology gives us an alternative and with these apps you will be transported to the front row of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week or one of the high end shows in Paris ,have a look into the life of your style icon and share your thoughts on the latest trends. Apart from the usual facebook and twitter we all use,here are our must have apps for that fashion junkie out there:
1. Instagram
Stars: 4.5 stars     Downloads: 100 million
This online mobile sharing, video sharing and social networking app tops are list of must-haves. It affords you a glimpse into the life of fashion trendsetters and enables you share your own personal style to its over 300 million users.
2. Pinterest
Stars:     4.5 stars     Downloads: 100 million
Looking for inspiration? Pinterest offers you the opportunity to do so as you pin all you favorite things on your pin board, see what others like and also share your own personal interest.  Whether it’s the latest hairstyle trends or ideas on grooming pinterest has a few million of those favorite things.
Stars:   4.2 stars     Downloads:  50,000
If fantasy is your forte then this one is for you. Fashion story is a gaming app that puts you in the shoes of a boutique owner. Choose and stock your store with all the latest trends you love and then decorate your store to your taste before shopping rush. This app can prepare you for real life.
4. The Hunt:
Stars:     4.2 stars    Downloads: 10 million
Have you ever wondered where that person on IG got that outfit? This apps allows you to find out. Post hunts for those things you love and get help from over 4 million people to locate it, share your style with others and vote on trends. This is a panacea to your style envy.
 5. A Fashion Magazine App
Stars: May vary     Downloads: May vary
What isn’t better than a good fashion magazine to while away time looking at all the latest in the fashion industry. Depending on your preference and style there are many magazine apps available to you, some free and some costly. Asos magazine, Elle, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar are the ones we love.

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