Kasahoro is a Ghanaian App developed by Kasahoro Foundation and currently runs on both Android OS and IOS devices. The App also has versions that can run on Microsoft windows PC and Apple Mac OS PC.  

Designed for Africans, Kasahoro allows users the flexibility and convenience of typing text in their native languages. The App currently supports thirteen (13) African dialects including, Fanti, Twi, Akuapim, Ga-Adangbe, Gbe, Ewe, Ewegbe, Fon, Gikuyu, Hausa, Igbo, Wolof, and Yoruba. The design of the App is based on the popular keyboard types. The App gives it users the flexibility of switching between any other keyboard type they might have on their phone.  The App also boost of a Google chrome extension that allow it users to translate words from various language into other Africa languages with ease.  

The App requires only 2.29MB of disk space and free to download and install. It has already been downloaded more than ten thousand times from the Google play store.
Even though Kasahoro is good for its users, there are shortcoming few challenges, the developers need to work on to improve user experience and friendliness. The App currently does not support upper case letters and some fonts for some keyboard layouts in Android 4.2. Developers should work on some missing letters in the Ewe language, as well as some nasal sounds and vowels in some of the languages.

The bottom line

Having used the App for a period of time, TechGist Gh can conclude that Kasahoro is a great App with a lot of prospects to bridge the language gap on the African continent. The App relieves Smartphone users the hustle of messaging or taking notes in their mother tongues, which could not have been done with the English language even with the infusion of some numeric keys and special characters. We give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

If you want to enjoy the smooth and seamless use of your mother tongue on your Smartphone, then I will urge you to download and try this App. We also urge the team at Kasahoro Foundation to work hard and add up more Ghanaian and African language to promote the African culture. 

Click to download and install kasahoro

By Ike stories

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