PHOTOS:HP unveils world's thinnest laptop

HP Unveils World’s Thinnest Laptop [PHOTOS]
HP has set about to making itself a hallmark of innovation, and has taken a huge step with the Spectre 13.3.
 The Spectre 13.3 is the company’s thinnest laptop ever, measuring 10.4 millimeters at its thinnest point, thinner than Apple’s 2015 Macbook.

The laptop itself is a beauty to behold, coming with a carbon-fibre body, a backlit keyboard and a glass trackpad. The laptop is also powerful on the inside, packed with 8GB of RAM and Intel Core i7 processors.
HP also introduces its new hyperbaric cooling technology in the laptop, which instead of pushing hot air out, draws cold air in to maintain a cool interior for optimal performance.
The laptop comes with 3 USB Type-C ports which function for both charging and transferring data, and a battery which the company claims last 9 hours on a full charge. 

Source: TakoradiOnline

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