Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 few weeks after its release

Global tech giant and Smartphone manufacturer, Samsung has started recalling its recently released Galaxy Note 7 phones from its customers in Australia after reported cases of battery faults.

Samsung’s latest acquisition is reported to be suffering from some mishaps where batteries of the phone is either catching fire or exploding during charging. So far there have been 35 confirmed cases of battery faults, with some 51,000 phones already recalled from the Australian market. Additionally, the company has also halted sales in about 10 markets the world over.

All hope is however not lost as customers will have a way out with full refund, replacement   or courtesy phones upon return of their phones to Samsung shops.
The occurrence follows similar occurrence few weeks ago in the United State where the company also promised “voluntary replacements” for aggrieved customers.

Currently, about 2.5 million pieces of the device have been sold out, and analyst have predicted the recall to cost the company about 1.5% revenue reduction for its Smartphone profit margin this year. 

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