Google To Train 10 Million Africans in Digital Skills

As part of efforts to improve and expand digital skills in Africa, Google is set to offer opportunities to about 10 million Africans to be trained in various online skills over the next five years. 

This includes the training of about 100,000 software developers in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

This is going to be delivered through the Google Digital Skills for Africa program which offers a face-to-face and online instruction to individuals and small businesses in about 27 African countries.

According to the search engine giants, Africa is expected to have the world’s largest working age group in 2034, hence the initiative will equip over 10 million African youths with employable skills ready for the job market.

The Alphabet owned company is also set to introduce Launchpad Accelerator which will provide free seed equity fund of about $3 million to African start-ups to propel and strengthen them in their bid to become successful ventures.

In years past, Google has supported a number of Africa start-ups like including the launch of ‘Umbono’ in South Africa and continues to be a key player in African tech start-up stories.

Currently, the Digital Skills for Africa is free for all with about 89 courses from 23 topic areas to choose from.

Click here to register and start learning some digital skills today.

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