Infinix to Distribute 720,000 Handsets in Ghana this Year

The Country Manager of Infinix, Kinmo.cai has hinted Business Week that the company’s target for this year is to distribute at list 720,000 handsets worth millions of dollars in the country.
He indicated that their records show that 60,000 devices were sold in a month and 420,000 within the seven months period from January to July.
According to him, this year, the figure has increased from 50,000 handsets in 2016 to 60,000 positioning it as a successful brand in Ghana and across Africa.
Kinmo.cai noted that a total of 600,000 devices were sold last year and that this can be related to the mouthwatering devices that were introduced onto the market which comes with high specifications yet very affordable.
This year saw another range of mindboggling devices such as the new Note4, S2 wefi device, Hot4, Zero4 and others which is actually penetrating the Ghanaian market.
Africa’s leading smartphone producer, Infinix engaged journalists and tech review pundits to share experiences on the mouthwatering latest Note4 and Note4 pro smartphones.
Speaking at the forum, the Key Outlet Manager (KOM), Mr. Sam Zhong said infinix is committed to building cutting edge technology and trendy design, dynamic mobile devices to create globally focused and intelligent life experience through merging fashion and technology.
He said infinix smart devices are designed specifically for young people who want to standout, reach out and get connected with the rest of the world.
“We have 4 product series, which are Zero, Note, Hot and S, to bring the most fashion and technology smart phones to you,” Mr. Sam stated.
The KOM manager added that the Note4 is designed with the customer in mind, to serve them the best product that meets their productive lifestyle.
He emphasised that Note4 is designed for young people who want to take charge of their daily life activities be it work, education or lifestyle.
During the product presentation, Mr. Sam hinted that the Note4 comes with a 4300mAh big battery capacity and an Xcharge which allows customers to charge 5mins and talk for 250mins.
“It comes with rear camera in order to capture the exciting moments of the world, and continuous breakthroughs in front camera to fully show the charisma of the user,” he stressed.
According to him, Note4 has a front finger print which unlocks your phone within 0.15s other than the usually back finger print found at the back of their old models.
He intimated that infinix is still committed to giving customers quality and durable mobile phone devices merged with beautiful designs.
The Note family and the Hot series has risen to become the market giants because of its high specifications.
The new Note4 comes with the latest android 7.0 Nougat with infinix XOS and a huge 4300mAh battery capacity and 4500mAh for Note4 pro.
Comparatively, the Note4 is an upgraded version of the Note3 and it comes with a 13mega pixel camera for both the back and 8megapixels for the front view with flash light as well as the Note4 pro unlike Note3 which has 13mega pixels for the back and 5mega pixel for the front.
Occasionally on speed, Note4 pro is overwhelming by great and amazing Media Tek Helio P10 Octa-Core, 3GB/4GB RAM, 32/64 GB internal memory that doubles your speed with a click and a little above Note4 which also has an Octa-core 1.3GHz, 16GB ROM, 2GB/3GB RAM, and a Micro-SD card slot up to 128GB.
This is not just a phone and infinix is empowering technological mavens with exceptionally crazy devices that thrills, boggles, excites and connects the soul and mind on high speed.
Source: mobileworldmag

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