Six Behaviours That Can Get You Banned on Facebook


In a bid to ensure reducing abuse on it platform, Facebook has released a list of some official rules or guidelines detailing the different types of posts and topics that are not accepted on the platform. According to the social network, users who flout these rules may be banned from using Facebook after they have been warned of their actions.

The list of rules which was termed “Community Standards” is classified into six categories, Violence Criminal Behaviour, Safety, Objectionable Content, Integrity and Authenticity, Respecting Intellectual Property and Content-Related Requests.

According to the social networking site, the primary goal of these Community Standards is to encourage free expression as well as create a safe environment.

Tech Gist Gh takes a look at some specific actions and behaviours that are unacceptable under each category.

Violence Criminal Behaviour
Facebook seeks to prevent any form of real-world harm and thus considers the following activities as infringements that could see users banned from the social networking site.
  • Terrorist activities
  • Organised hate
  • Mass or serial murder
  • Human trafficking
  • Organised violence or criminal activity
  • Promotion or publicizing of crime
  • Regulated goods
  • Private information with potential of causing financial or physical harm
  • Sexual exploitation and child nudity
  • Images of sexual violence
  • Harrassments
  • Bullying (videos or images that seeks to shame others)
  • Posts about self injury and suicides
Objectionable Content
  • Hate speech
  • Contents that showcase threats or violence or 'coordinating harm'
  • Adult nudity (excluding sculptures and paintings)
credit: the verge

Integrity and Authenticity
  • Spamming
  • Fake news
  • Not having verifiable identity on Facebook (misrepresentation)
Respecting Intellectual Property
This basically forbids the posting of any kind of content that is owned by someone else. It shall include trademarks, copyrights and other legal rights of materials of other people.

Content-Related Requests
As part of efforts to promoting minors using the social network, Facebook will adhere to and regulators’, governments’ or parental requests to remove content and also ban users who post images or graphics in relation to any child abuse of any form.

You may read more about Facebook’s Community Standards from here >>

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